Over the years I've written a few small programs to help me out in my job and/or for personal gain. I've decided that others might gain from my labors, so here we go.

grabem-1.6 Grabem grabs a list of files off a web site. Requires perl and LWP::Simple. Use wget instead :-P
.complete-nmh Source this into your bash completions if you use nmh. It will give you tab completion for your recursive nmh folders
lc This program will lowercase all the chars in a filename
my .exrc My vi/ex .exrc macros, with explainations
NOT BL dot ORG SOFTWARE: Stuff I didn't write, but feel OK providing.
plum plum, a tchrist written perl front-end to (n)mh mail, with my notes for getting it working under Linux
gpgedit gpgedit is for using GNU Privacy Guard (gpg) with (n)mh. I didn't write this, but I modified this script, which was for PGP 2.6.
mhtake (From the comments at the top of the file)
Mhtake looks at the current mh mail message or a range of messages and prompts the user to supply a mail alias to be associated with the author's e-mail address in the mh Aliasfile.
gsh utils gsh works just like rsh(1C) except that you may specify a set of hosts to execute the command on. The host sets are defined in the file /etc/ghosts. (An individual host name can be used as a set containing one member.) Modified from the original to use ssh instead of rsh.

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