My version of greylisting... using SQLite MYSQL as the backend DB.

This code is a derivative work of the greylisting code at, which appears to be a derivative work of the code at

This added code and this page by John Kirkland,

My Changes to the code in the first URL above:

You obviously need SQLite MYSQL DBD perl libraries installed for this to work!

NOTE:You may wonder why this page mentions *both* SQLite and MySQL... It's because I first built the greylisting implementation using SQLite. The problem I had, though, was that the perl DBD libraries for SQLite performed database locking on select statements. This meant that I couldn't query the database from more than one mimedefang process at once. After a day or so of running the SQLite version, I reimplemented with MySQL.


convert_greylist_DBFile Utility to convert the database from the DBFile implementation to SQLite.
convert_greylist_SQLite Utility to convert the database from the SQLite implementation to MYSQL
create_greylist_db Utility to create the greylist SQLite MYSQL DB.
greylist_dbcleaner Utility to delete entries in database who have expired and never successfully sent email.
greylist_query Utility to query the contents of your greylist db
mimedefang-filter My mimdefang-filter file
mimedefang-filter-greylist The greylist filter extension

Basic Install Instructions