So you want to buy BL.ORG?

Well, it's not for sale, sorry.

Okay, the reality of things is this is a free economy, and everything has a price. I'm not squatting on this domain, hoping that someone will offer me tens of thousands of dollars for it, I do use it, every day. There is more to this big-ugly intarweb than websites. I know mine is simplistic and boring, but that's all I'm willing to do with it for now. However, along with me, several other people use for their personal email, software development, DNS services, and who knows what else. However, if you think you need it bad enough, and you think you can offer me enough to put myself and the others here through the pain of getting moved to another domain, then by all means, make an offer. Just don't hold your breath waiting for me to say yes though.

In case it isn't obvious based on the above, then let me spell it out here too. I'm not going to donate this domain to your non-profit organization either (yes, I have had someone ask me to do that too).

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