Michael Parson Austin, TX 512-522-7682


Experienced computer professional with a strong background in UNIX systems administration, Software Lifecycle, dev-ops, and build and deployment automation with expertise in many popular flavors of UNIX operating systems.

I can only accept positions in Austin, Texas or surrounding areas.


Cisco Corporation, Austin, TX

2014 - present
DevOps Engineer, ThreatGRID R&D

• Write saltstack state and pillar configuration management files to bring formerly individually maintained systems under a consistent structure.
• Participate in release engineering calls to approve/deny releases. Operations team rotates team members who actually perform the final build and release to production.
• Approve git merge requests for operations team commits.
• Participate in daily operations team "stand-up calls" to quickly cover what we’ve done, what we’re doing, what we’re blocking on.
• Participate in planning of build-outs of future datacenters for added capacity, geographic diversity to ensure redundancy and business continuity.

IBM Corporation, Austin, TX
RCS World Wide vApp Lab Architect


• Oversaw management of world-wide Rational Client Support (RCS) virtualization lab operations with labs in Littleton, MA (US), Amsterdam (The Netherlands), Bangalore (India), and Cumberland, NSW (Australia).
• Modernized the lab infrastructure which was a mix of home-grown scripts and commercial solutions to provide a self-service virtualization lab.
• Wrote automation processes for the deployment of virtual and physical assets used by RCS Technical Support Engineers (TSE) to reproduce customer reported issues and if needed, hand off to development for further debugging.

Team Lead, Software Advisory Team, Rational Build Forge


• Team lead for the Build Forge Software Advisory Team.
• Manage tickets escalated from the Level 2 support team, interact with Level 2 support team to determine nature of customer reported problem and determine if the problem was with configuration or was a bug in the product. If it was a bug, find the problematic code and patch it or escalate to Level 3 (development support) for code fix.
• Worked with build team to automate the building of Build Forge installation sets and all of it’s pre-requisite parts using Build Forge (self-hosting) and ensuring cross-platform compatibility with archive formats for the installer.
• Responsible for management of R&D lab used for reproduction of customer environments to assist in replication and debugging of customer issues utilizing multiple operating systems and database technologies in a mix of private cloud and bare-metal systems.
• Assist members of the sales organization with the implementation and running of Build Forge Proof of Concept (PoC) and Proof of Technology (PoT) demonstrations at customer sites.
• Write IBM Technotes on usage of Build Forge and peer-review Technotes written by other members of the team.
• Helped come up with best practices documents related to running and scaling of Build Forge.

Vignette Corporation, Austin, TX

2004 - 2006
UNIX Systems Administrator

Club Photo, Austin, TX

2003 - 2004
Sr. Systems Administrator, Austin, TX

2001 - 2003
Sr. Systems Administrator

TManage, Inc., Austin, TX

Sr. Systems Architect

NowDocs, Corp., Austin, TX

1999 - 2001
Sr. UNIX Systems Administrator

IXC Communications Services, Inc., Austin, TX

1997 - 1999
Sr. UNIX Systems Administrator, IXC

Illuminati Online, Austin, TX

1995 - 1997
Systems Administrator

University of Texas at Brownsville

1993 - 1995
Technical Services Manager, Academic Computing

Texas Army National Guard

1991 - 1996
88M-10 Motor Vehicle Operator


Solaris 2.x-10, SunOS 4.x, RedHat Linux (2.0->RHEL 6), HP-UX 11.x, AIX 4+, MacOS X (10.4+), NetBSD, OpenBSD, FreeBSD, BSD/OS, Microsoft Windows Desktop/Workstation OSes (3.1 - 8.x) and some work with the server versions (NT 4 - Windows Server 2012)


• VMWare Desktop, Server, and ESX(i)
• Citrix Xen Server
• Parallels
• Oracle VirtualBox
• Solaris Zones ____________________

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